Illustration of a lunch meat coupons sandwichWhat are lunch meat coupons and why are we talking about the here? First the basics, lunch meat coupons are coupons for lunch meat – which usually is pre-cooked, pre-packaged meats, whether sliced chicken, roast beef, turkey, salami, bologna etc. from various makers such as Hormel, Deli Select, Hillshire Farm, Columbus and Trader Joes.

Lunch meat coupons or deli coupons are useful when selecting a packaged lunchmeat to buy since there are a number of factors to consider, such as price, quantity, ingredients and preservatives. Of course, price is where free lunch meat coupons or lunch sandwich meat coupons come in handy. However, often you may want to try a different type of lunch meat, a different brand or maybe a no nitrites version but are not sure whether your kids will like it. Coupons for lunch meat come in particularly handy in such situations because they lower the price threshold for trying out something new. That is one of the reasons why we decided to cover the deli sliced meat or lunch meat category of coupons in our site.

We prefer to buy lunch meats that do not have the preservative nitrite (or nitrate) in it. These questionable preservatives often appear on the labels as sodium nitrate or potassium nitrate, or sodium nitrite / potassium nitrite. Since a lot of people now are educated to the risks of these preservatives, often the good lunch meats that do not have them put in big letters on the packaging something like, “Preservative Free” or “No Nitrites”. It is a selling point. The reason is that there have been a number of publications, not just in recent years, calling into question the health benefits of the category of preservative often called “nitrites” or “nitrates”.

A lot of the more popular brands still include that old and questionable preservative in it. However increasingly big brands have been coming out with packages of lunch meat that don’t have nitrate or nitrite in it. The reason of course is that consumers increasingly have become aware of the drawbacks of that preservative for their own health and that of their children – so they are refusing to buy any lunch meats containing sodium nitrite – lunch meat coupon or not. The solution for the big brands? Come out with versions of their lunch meats that are nitrite free! And, offer big savings by online coupons for lunch meats for consumers to try them out. That makes a win-win for everyone. Consumers can save their budgets to some extent by utilizing the free lunch meat coupons they might find, and the big brands can keep and attract new customers.

When searching for sources for lunch meat coupons, there are a number of places to look. The most convenient is this page and you should come back periodically to find the different coupon savings offers in the links advertised here. The online coupons found typically are printable lunch meat coupons accepted in many grocery stores. Another place to look is in the printed circular of a local grocery store, or in the newspaper, or even in a coupon aggregator website, although often the coupons might be outdated. So you should check the expiration dates and any limitations on stores available before heading out to make use of a lunch meat coupons.

Typically in a grocery store, you can find the pre-packaged pre-sliced meats in refrigerated cases, often newer pre-packaged cheeses, yogurt or milk since they all have similar refrigeration requirements. Among the big brands of lunch meats for which you might sometimes find coupons for lunch meats are Applegate Farms, Columbus, Oscar Meyer, Smithfield, Hormel, Deli Select. Lunch meat coupons, enjoy!