Grocery coupons are coupons for groceries – products typically available through grocery stores, supermarkets and pharmacies, which provide discounts on products, or even sometimes free coupons or free shipping for online ordering.  Grocery coupons typically come in three forms:

  • Printable Grocery Coupons: online coupons for groceries that you can print out and then take to the grocery store to receive a product or service discount.
  • Paper Coupons: these are pre-printed paper coupons that typically can be found in magazines, newspapers, newspaper inserts, coupon books or in coupons by mail. Consumers and shoppers can take these paper coupons to the supermarket, pharmacy, convenience or grocery store (or other type of store) to receive the product discount.
  • Coupon Codes: A grocery coupon code typically is used for online shopping. It is a word, number or sequence of numbers and letters that can be used in ordering a product on-line. When ordering on line the coupon code is entered, and typically the price is adjusted, or shipping waived or reduced. Coupon codes also can be called discount codes, special codes, etc.

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How can Grocery Coupons 360 help you find free offers, whether printable, newspaper coupons or codes? We provide information and resources for locating these coupons on-line and also we provide reviews of various brands and types of coupons for groceries which include information, resources or anything else that we may provide.

Why have coupons for groceries or anything else for that matter? After all, consumer brands and their marketing channels such as supermarkets and drug stores are not in the business of providing discounts or freebies. The stores want to make profit and sales too. But coupons don’t work that way – they are an inducement for consumers to try something new or to try something they have not had in a long time, and also to reward repeat customers.

These are part of a standard advertising and marketing budget – a cost of doing business and a way to give money directly to consumers as an alternative to advertising, like on buying television commercial time. So, they are advertising and marketing tools for major brands and up and coming brands who want to increase their sales and market share. They provide a win-win. We get to save some money when shopping and buying – whether food, soap, detergent, pharmacy items, hardware or anything else you can buy, and for the product brands, they increase sales, and maybe attract new or repeat customers.

As always, understand that coupons can expire, so you should always check the terms of the coupon, the discount or other offer associated with it, as well as the time period to expiration. We also do not endorse the use of any of the products or services covered, or the use of coupons or codes for them, however, our aim is to provide a useful, interesting and worthwhile resource for our users to locate and save money in online shopping and shopping and buying at regular stores. We do not review the different types of coupon offers in any advertised sites for value, accuracy, acceptance effectiveness, or friendliness so you enter or try each at your own risk! However, we hope that the resources provided on this site are helpful and fun, and may help our users find some great discounts, or at least have a good time when buying, shopping, comparing and hopefully saving.

In conclusion, the essential purpose of grocery coupons and codes is to generate new and repeat customers, and to reward brand loyalty. Without the incentive, you may not come in to shop or may wait longer or may never have even tried out a new brand. But, since you got the cool discount ofer, you tried, and liked. A win-win all around.